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    Dionne Hamilton-Smith

    The functionality looks good.  However, I'm not a fan of the word launches and I think that the message that the user sees  "You currently have 3 launches remaining..." could be crafted differently.


    Does the message change if you have review mode on? How does review mode work alongside this?

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    Mike Smithers


    Thanks for your feedback.

    As you know, we do usability testing and the term 'launches' was the one that resonated best.  This is not attempts, this is launches which might lead to completion or not.  We will monitor feedback from other customers and if you get confused learners then please do let us know.


    Review mode only kicks in once the e-learning is complete.  So the launches apply when the learner is trying to pass/complete the learning.  Once successfully completed then the Review mode applies and a learner can launch this without restarting.  A clear learner message makes this really clear.  


    I would suggest giving this a try on a test learner account just to satisfy yourself on this.





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